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Program in Advanced Procurement © Part 2

Enrolling in our Program in Advanced Procurement© is a smart career investment.

Procurement Advanced© starts 1 August 2024.

“Procurement Advanced” © is Part 2 of a two-part, fully online Program in Advanced Procurement. It incorporates complex Tender Design, Procurement Process Improvement and Reporting. The Skills gained in Part 2 will noticeably improve your knowledge and confidence in a Procurement job interview and at work. Most Learners complete Part 2 in two months.

In Program Part 2 you will:

  • Understand the Gaps in your Procurement Skills.

  • Discover how to structure a compelling Sourcing Plan.

  • Assign Procurement Strategy to complex ITO Tenders.

  • Design defensible Evaluation Plan scoring methodology.

  • Learn how experts resolve Procurement problems.

  • Turn an outmoded Policy into a value-driving instrument.

  • Build a Pipeline to track buyer capacity and job status.

  • Rationalise which Effectiveness Measures work.

Enrolment Requirements 

To participate in Advanced Part 2, Learners are required to:

  • Successfully complete our Program Part 1.

  • Submit a correctly populated Enrolment form.

  • Agree to our School and Program Conditions.

  • Make full payment for our highly affordable Program, Part 2.

  • Invest a minimum of eight (8) hours per week in your learning.

  • Attend our Advanced Webinars and free Sunday Serious Skills © Webinars.

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