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Our free gateway course to Program in Advanced Procurement©

Build a Bankable
Procurement Career

Enrolling in our free gateway course is a
smart action to take.

Our Bankable Course is Open for Enrolment!

"Build a Bankable Procurement Career" © examines the meaning of Better Practice Procurement and explains the benefits of investing in a career as a senior Procurement person. “Bankable” is a free course, and its successful completion is a mandatory requirement for enrolment in our Program in Advanced Procurement©Build a Bankable Procurement Career' is fully online and usually completed in two days.

In this Course you will:

  • Understand the nature and function of Procurement.

  • De-confuse terminology that even impedes professionals.

  • Learn what constitutes “Better Practice” Procurement.

  • Discover the exposure Benefits of working in Procurement.

  • Become aware why ICT is the choice Procurement Category.

Enrolment Requirements 

To participate in our learning programs, Students are required to:

  • Submit a correctly populated Enrolment form.

  • Agree to our School and Program Conditions.

  • Have access to a computer.

  • Have Internet access and a free Zoom account.

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