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Your Return on Investment

The Nolan School Program of Learning is affordable

When it comes to education, even Procurement people struggle to determine if courses are value for money. Procurement education often costs thousands of US dollars and have hidden fees, including ongoing membership. It can take years for that education to pay for itself. Our full Program of Learning is completed online in six months, for less than USD $1000 (inclusive of all fees). We operate is a smart, effective manner that removes unnecessary costs for Learners, including replacing old fashioned physical certificates with better practice digital graduation verification.

Nolan built the Program based on 20 years' experience in corporate and government Procurement. Everything you learn with us is best practice and real-world Procurement, which you can apply in interviews and at work. We will teach you what you need to know in Policy, Process, Tendering, Contracts, Pricing and Strategy, to gain deep knowledge and perform impressively in interview and at work. We will teach you unique Frameworks to grow your Procurement capability so you feel confident. Our Learners learn to interview like Specialists, to design and expedite effective sourcing activities, and to resolve complex probity situations.



Your organisation

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